From Boshehr
to the Caspian Sea

Iran, 1964

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A lovely, heartfelt story.

There is a great sense of character in this story; gripping and redemptive. Bravo!

It is a tender, striking story, full of subtle sarcasm, narrated from point of view of a little girl reflecting the innocence of her observations. On a deeper level, and for the today’s situation in Iran, the story’s inverted satire is highly witty.

The power in the concise and well-crafted prose is in its simplicity and feeling. I appreciate the wit, but the emotion it elicits in me is sadness. And I encourage this writer to continue to write, especially about her experience as a child in Iran. This is a voice which we simply do not hear. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks, Liz. I have some more of these creative nonfiction proses. I am currently looking for a suitable home for them.