Suite of Unreason

by Jim Harrison
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Jim, I was just in Livingston, reading at my friend Marc Beaudin's bookstore, Elk River Books. Like a paparazzo birdwatcher, I hoped for a distant sighting of you, but instead only glimpsed the rear of Tom McGuane's blond daughter. And that only because of a sharp-eyed guide. Even from behind I could tell it wasn't you. From Marc I got a first edition copy of The Raw and the Cooked. Delicious. Don't be leaving us anytime soon.

Jim, I have been a fan for many years. I bought your first book of published poetry and continue to read and anticipate your fine work. You have been an inspiration to me and to my own work. Thank you.

Today at dawn, after watching the lake turn from flat maroon to a silver flash of sudden rain, I came in to read over and over these musing poems, and now feel more than alive. Thanks.