Starting Over

A Story

by Nate Haken

There's a certain world being portrayed in this story; A world that many young men wish they knew, and one that very few ever have the guts to enter.

Excellent work. The characterization, indirectly conveyed, is vivid and the setting is in harmony with the narrative. Good writer and good story of the week selection.

Great story! I love the tension: from strangers to friends to almost enemies, and all because of the curiosity about and attraction to conflict.

Great story and refreshingly not America-centric . . . this was a war where 1,000,000 died, yet many people know nothing about it.

Excellent writing! Sharply focused, clearly drawn characters, and a powerful impact.

Like a kid digging deeper and deeper in to his Christmas stocking, after several readings I am thrilled to continue to discover subtle, yet thoughtfully intentional layers of meaning from this writer. I feel a bit lost though, like I have arrived late to a movie marathon for a collection that I've been wanting to see forever. I'm disappointed by what I've missed but eager to settle in for what's ahead. The dialogue of the three friends around the fire seems to approximate the rhythm of the drama that has been the human experience. . . "Maybe that was it. Or maybe it was something else."

Amazing piece; the best short story I've read in a long time. I want more.

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