Her Lazy-Brained Boy

A Story

by Kate Rutledge Jaffe
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What a curious and beautifully-written story. I mean curious in both senses of the word--it is strange, bizarre, extraordinary, and also inquisitive. It cuts no corners. I love it.

Dear Kate,

Your story was lovely and profoundly touching. I can hardly believe how poetic the story reads even though your bio does not say you are a poet. I'm an aspiring writing student, as well, taking my MA at the moment. What an inspiration. Good luck with your writing.

Dear Kate,

You shot an arrow into my heart with the line, "I'll trade you my gummy bears for your central vision." I have hereditary early macular degeneration, and if only I had enough gummy bears to make such a deal! You skillfully portray with exactness the vulnerability and thwarted expectation that such a disabling issue brings to an individual and the family. This is a rich and magnificent story, impeccably told. Thank you!