A Portion of Your Loveliness

A Story

by Amy Bloom
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This is the finest story I have read, in any publication, in years. What is most remarkable to me is how near to the characters and action I felt, in-the-room-with-them near. It is extremely intimate, like my dearest friend unloading her miseries to a willing ear. Yet it is not at all a navel-gazing bore. Not "woe is me" (as this subject could have been in less capable hands), but "woe are we." This is everyone's story, only the names (and minor details) have been changed to protect us from despair.

Fabulous. I actually cried. I don't cry when I read. Bravo.

Devastating and lovely all at once. I must go dig out all of my Bloom books and reread them.

Masterly. A deft hand weaves an intricate basket of lives intertwined with personal tragedies that makes one gasp now and then, and it's truly amazing that, even with the occasional touch of humor, there's no iota of melodrama here. Thank you for a satisfying visit.


You write a beautiful story and in one paragraph where you are describing Abby's personality, it is truly a duplicate of my own Abbie's personality. She is my fourth daughter out of my eight. Your story is also a reverse gender of my own life. I have been married four times and my last wife, who is Ethiopian, is a great and beautiful person but she does not support any of my writing activities. We have been married for twenty-six years, but as far as being husband and wife, she takes no interest in our love life. The worst thing missing in her personality is "kindness." She doesn't know the word or how she should act toward someone that is supposed to be her partner. I have authored seven books. Check them out. I would love to hear from you sometimes. I just past my seventy-fifth birthday this past October.

This is a great story. From the moment I started reading, I couldn't stop. The writing is wonderful, and what a story to tell! Little kids are quite amazing.

Wow. Amazing story. It made me cry.

Just terrific, Really. Terrific. Funny and heart-breaking.

Riveting story. Beautifully told. Thank you.