Paris in the Twenties

A Story

by Elizabeth Benedict
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A very beautiful and touching story. I loved it.


Thanks very much for your wonderful responses. They mean a lot to me, and I'm touched that you took the time to write.

A friend told me about this story, so I signed up for Narrative and read it. I loved it. I think I will be reading many more here.

I enjoyed this story. I found it sad. I will look out for "Slow Dancing." I'm also hooked on the American writers who moved to Paris in the 20s. And also on the era of Anais Nin and Henry Miller. What a great place Paris must have been in those times.


Thank you for writing and your kind words, though I was taken aback by your looking out for Slow Dancing (which came out in 1985), as much as I appreciate your interest. You might be a happier reader if you looked out for my more recent novels, including Almost and The Practice of Deceit. You are kind to take the time to write.

Thank you to Narrative for publishing this. A college student read it and sent me several questions about it, as she wanted it to be on the syllabus for her school next year. I just heard from her. She got an A+ on her paper, and the story will be on the syllabus. I am very touched by this and grateful to Narrative.

A wonderful story. I loved it.

Gorgeous, heartbreaking details, especially "her face the color of devastation." One doesn't know who to love and feel for more: Ginger or the narrator when her mother insists her life and college plans must--and therefore will--change.

Beautifully violent and subtly haunting--this is a brilliant story told with a calm passion.