On Principle

A Story

by Gina Ochsner
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I enjoyed this story for many reasons. . . . I was quite struck by the denoument. I was waiting to see how the story would pull all the elements together and, not only did it accomplish that, but it achieved it in a poignant, humorous and entirely believable fashion.


What a delightful story! My friend pointed it out to me, and I am so glad that she did! This story is so realistic in just how absurd it is.

An excellent writer. Loved the vodka from "wheat, shoelaces, and St. John's Wort." Funny story, but at the same time poignant. I can see why this one won.

This is a fantastic story: such humor and strong-will mixed with goodness and grace. The narrator–and the writer–share with the eel a wisdom both natural and profound. Congratulations, Gina Ochsner.