A Story

by Kathleen Wheaton
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Great story. Really well-written and engaging. Thanks. :)

Ms. Wheaton,

Your story held me start to finish. Great voice, very engaging. Nicely done.

Ms. Wheaton,

Your story has awakened my curiousity of teenagers. Your characters voices are so like my own teenagers.
Thanks for a sharing, very well done!

I could offer a brief critique and elaborate on the authenticity of the narrator's voice, the succinct segues and the compelling narrative. But really, all I want to say is: Wow, I wish I'd written that.

I immediately called my daughter and began reminiscing about her teenage years. This is what good stories are about.

A jolly good read! Edith is a wonderfully-drawn character. This really does belongs in the "I wish I'd written that" set. Thank you for this delightful story.

I truly ached for Edith. Your language is beautiful: so lyrical. A story I keep coming back to on Narrative. The characters, the wording are pitch perfect. You really captured the tone so authentically. Looking forward to reading your other stories, Ms. Wheaton, including your short story collection Aliens and Other Stories.