Twenty-One People between My Legs (and Counting)

by Shivani Mehta

A marvelous poem. Absolutely delightful. I can't think when I've read so closely, laughed so heartily, and reflected so carefully.

A wonderful poem. What joy and cries.

Wow. So great, raw, witty, and well-crafted. I'm going to go read it again!

Fresh, new, funny, and full circle. Wise and well-deserved.

A great and intriguing poem. Congratulations! Such eloquence, humor, and freshness that came together. A poem that you could read over and over.

Humor, intrigue, emotion, and eloquence--this poem has everything. Absolutely brilliant!

This is just wonderful. "Twenty-One People Between My Legs" is a risk-taking, fully-realized poem that delivers, makes me wish I had written it, and makes me want to distribute it to my students.

I truly love this poem.

Thank you all so much for your kind, kind words! They are deeply appreciated!

I couldn't let brave Jack be the only male man enough to leave a comment on this fantastic piece. Clever, brave, whimsical, and very original, Shivani, a poem that should win prizes. Is it okay in this genteel space to say that I also found it erotic, in a charming sort of way? Okay, I won't. But I did.

I agree with all the comments! Fresh, risky, erotic, funny, and thought-provoking. I'll be re-reading it many times. And from one lawyer to another, congrats on staying so beautifully in your creative self.

Now this poem is a keeper! Anyone who has read this need not ask what I mean. Funny, lightly erotic, and always captivating. Glad to see it won a prize. I'm going to remember this poem for a long time. Thank you, Shivani!

Enjoyed the poem. However, there are twenty-two people in the poem. You listed an "eleventh" person twice.

Very enjoyable! Congratulations, Shivani. This is going to stick in my mind for a long time.

Loved this. I'm new to this site and poetry in general, but as a male I was delighted by your poetic descriptions of sex. This is the voice that most of us men will never hear.

Excellent poem. Totally funny and absolutely serious.

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