No Apples, No Clover, No Hay, No Grass, No Carrots, No Maize, No Alfalfa, No Linseed, No Deep Bag of Oats

An iPoem

by Willa Carroll
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The images are beautiful and it feels so good to read it out loud. Love "another woman's hair."

Sometimes maybe the salt lick is all you really need. Love this poem and I think it's great for dealing with that never ending question: what do you really want and what do you really need?

Love the rhythm and visual imagery of this poem.

Haunting & lyrical.

Textually beautiful, simple and elegant.
Love the 'No' rhythm.

Love this.

This poem leads me onto a path where my imagination can continue telling the story. It's very evocative.

Love the salt/sugar juxtaposition. Imagery suggests 'the other woman' may be some mare who donated her tail to the crop and/or the lead -- or was it some unknown lady? So much packed into such a tight little poem!