Three Poems

by Willa Carroll
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Love your poems, especially the buttons. After my father's death in Lebanon when I was twelve, and before my and my brother's exile to America, my Aunt Najla opened her secret locked metal closet for me and dug out little treasures (such as a little dog glass perfume bottle having long lost its smell) and secretly gave them to me before my brother and I were shipped off to America. Your poem really spoke to me.

Willa, I always love reading your work. Among other gifts, you have such a ear for rhythm. Looking forward to more.

Thank you, Willa Carroll. You have the gift, and you offer it to us.

Thank you, Shirley. It means so much to me to read your words.

Thank you, Fedwa. I love the details in your comment. It's striking how the quotidien object can become a treasure imbued with personal meaning. Thanks again for your words.

Thanks, Liz. I appreciate your noticing of my interest in rhythm as that was what drove my composition of "Memorabiliac." It's also one of my favorite poems to read aloud. Thanks again for reading and commenting here.

Powerful imagery that transforms the common into poignant, and the ordinary into brilliant.

Willa, it's so nice to read poetry that is warm, inviting, and syntactically versatile. It's even better to be confronted by these profound, incontrovertible moments - but like I'm being shown rather than taught. Hell of a job!