Four Poems

by Natalie Diaz
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I found Natalie Diaz's poem "Toward the Amaranth Gates of War or Love" refreshing and inspiring. Her subject is grounded in reality and she has the remarkable ability to convey it in a way that you can actually relate to and yet have your imagination touched by the wonderful way she speaks. I want to read more of her poetry; she's amazing.

Remarkably talented, Ms. Diaz writes with words and images beyond her years. How fortunate for readers of all ages!

"Toward the Amaranth Gates" is an especially remarkable poem, giving us a sense of the kind of world we live in. It's a dangerous world, a mine field, with few certainties and love an anodyne which might possibly make one forget the gnawing pain of living. The images are evocative, the language taut and the form strongly structured.
Thanks, Natalie, keep it up!

Her way with language has me pausing again and again to read lines out loud, savoring the beauty and strength of her poetry. Wonderful work.