by Joseph Stroud

Wonderful poem. I was especially moved by the line "I didn't know that grief would give him back to me, over and over," but there are many treasures here.

I agree. A beautiful, sad, perfect, and redeeming poem. I loved the lines, "...every moment / I held on made it that much harder / to let go, and Death demanded / that I let go." I usually don't have patience for longer poems, but this one seemed completely right.

"I didn't know that grief would give him back to me." That line is similar to one I wrote when my mother died. "Some how in this sadness we hold each other close. When she let go, I knew I could too." It's a process of many lettings.

Just found this poem. Amazing. It reminds me just a bit of Levine's "The Poem of Chalk." Absolutely lovely--thank you.

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