The Song
of Skeptomai Lou

by Heather McHugh

This poem makes me think of people who have something boiling inside of them and can't wait to let it out--passion. These people with "hearts full of ink" who take in more than they can handle with their tentacles and desire to have and to hold, not expecting that changes abound in this world and permanence is only an ideal.

The world is full of loneliness. So many hunger for a resolution to the condition of being alone because as humans, we require some level of intimacy in our search for happiness. I believe you illustrate this point well in your piece.

The last sentence is a nice, mysterious garnish to tie the poem together and leave a small, persistent ringing in the mind of the reader for a time after they've finished reading. They're left pondering the message that lies in and between the lines of your poem. Thank you.

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