A Lebanese Feast

A Story

by Nadia Ibrashi
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What a beautifully written story. Wonderful!

Such vivid scenes and lively characters! Marvelous.

"A Lebanese Feast" gives us a glimpse into the lives of Lebanon's rich and well-connected as they grapple with political uncertainty, religious tension, and the fatigue of war. Over a single, celebratory evening, Nadia Ibrashi's complex, richly drawn characters show us a society attempting to move forward while having a "foot in the West and a foot in the East." Fabulous.

Beautiful story. Funny on the surface, with a serious theme underneath. What power the rich and frivolous have to affect events. Ibrashi has some sharp insights about politics to relay.

Nadia Ibrashi knows the art of narrative. How great that readers of Narrative can now get to know her elegant and piercing way with words.

A strange story. I am Egyptian; and besides Ahdaf Souiff, I have never found anyone writing about the Arab's society so well.

Nadia, the wedding was a wonderful vehicle to capture the people, the country, and the time. I really enjoyed
your vivid descriptions and understanding of the cross-currents underlying all.

Nadia, how exciting to read your short story. I am amazed at your writing skills.

Wonderful character depictions of the rich, well-connected, and haughty at a lavish wedding celebration. Insight into the political, business, intellectual, and religious leanings of different cultures brought together on this evening in Lebanon. Rich in dialogue, attention to detail, and subtle humor combined to overlay political unrest in the Middle East. So very well written.

Ibrashi's story left me wanting more. Her great dialogue and unique descriptions have become her writing style. I look forward to more and more.

A beautiful, charming story that engaged me throughout. Pierre, although well connected, seems lonely. Isn’t that the story of our lives?

Nadia, congratulations! I especially like the way you weave the political climate and complexities as reflections of the characters you create. Good job!

This is a moving story that enlightens as much for its human drama as its cultural revelations. A true accomplishment. Bravo!

Nadia, the story is beautifully written--much description which only you know how to place in the story
Congrats--look forward to many awards for you!!! BRAVO on this marvelous accomplishment!!!

I am so impressed, Nadia. You write not like a beginner but with the sure handedness of a pro. In fact, as I was reading your piece, a vague feeling of recognition came over me, then I realized what it was. It was like reading a short version of a Daniel Silva novel, especially The Messenger, with its charting of the intricacies of Middle Eastern intrigue. You have achieved the difficult and magical object of fiction: your characters seem to me to be real, breathing people, and not what they are, imagined figures.

What a beautifully written, intriguing story!