30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York City

December 2010

by Jane Lancellotti
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I truly enjoyed this article. I never knew that Jane was such a talented writer. We grew up in the same neighborhood, she was a little younger than I but I can so relate to everything she was sharing about falling in love with Beatles. Those were the good old days when everything was simple.

I too grew up admiring The Beatles just as you did. Paul and I had something in common too: we were both lefties. Just as millions of kids around the world were taking up the guitar and starting garage bands, I too fell under The Beatles spell.

Thank you for the wonderful nostalgic story that I could relate to on some many different levels.

Jane and I are lifelong friends, and I have always regarded her as my second sister. The memories of the early days of The Beatles while a student at Saint Maria Goretti School are still pretty clear to me. The nuns were horrified by the sudden appearance of Beatle Boots, long(er) hair, and this new music which was sweeping the world with amazing speed. Those memories along with the music,"which will never last," have stayed with me my entire life, as they have with pretty much everyone I know. Thanks for a great story, old friend!

I loved and was surprised by this. I have never read anything written so frankly about an adolescent crush. Yes, we often do keep these going throughout our lives, long after we've learned how complicated love is. Perhaps it is because we learn this that those early, innocent loves continue to sustain us.

I love that.