A Story

by Nathan Poole
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Absolutely magnificent story! It is a story of human nature, family, misunderstanding, and love. I am still drying my eyes.

Stunning! I loved the highly nuanced use of third person omniscient narrator; in many spots you were hitting like a forth and fifth dimension (i.e., "a line of motion meaningless to anyone but himself"). This was a completely realized world. The paragraph of Silas carving out his own birds, breathtaking. Also, you really allowed the reader to experience the epiphany along with James. The mood was intense, and the narrator's tone was so comfortable and warm; I really could have listened to him (your narrator) all day. Overall, top to bottom, this piece was full of intense wonder and surprise. Definitely on the list of re-reads. Congratulations!


This is the best story of the week from a new writer I've read yet. Emotional but not sentimental and above all universal. Thank you.

This is not a story one can skim through, or speed read. I found myself re-reading several sentences, to insure that I absorbed every word. Thanks, Nathan, for a wonderful story.

Loved it! The father's conversion speaks so powerfully about the nature of love.

A beautiful story of creation and how an artist is in thrall to his talent, not the other way around. A beautiful and unexpected evocation of a world that feels so very real.

Lovely! In the beginnng I wanted to be Silas; at the end I was. Thank you for a beautiful beginning to my day.

I agree with the previous comments. I hoped against hope that Silas would not abandon his calling.

The grove, closet, and abandoned ancestral shed are astonishing parallels of expressive liberty, though disparate. The occurrence of buried bird-molds resurrected by the weighty hands of a nonplussed father impacted me. Fantastic!

I am stunned, and moved. This is what a short story is supposed to do, to lift you out of yourself and feel something new, but also entirely recognizable. Just beautiful.

I too am stunned and moved. So often when I read one of these short stories, I'm left empty and wondering what in the world was that all about? But this lovely story is complete in itself, and today I sit here at my desk with tears in my eyes. It's truly one the finest short stories I've ever read. Thanks Narrative for bringing it to us.

This is the type of short story that stays with you long after you finish the last word. I found myself finding deeper meaning and personal association hours later, as if somehow I had become part of Silas or was it that Silas was apart of me all along. Great job, Nathan.

I so enjoyed this story I did my anaysis assignment on it for my composition class! I too had a father that was hard to comprehend and time was the ultimate healer. Kudos to you, Nathan. You have such talent, keep it up.

Along about the fourth paragraph from the end, my eyes were so full of tears I could barely read!