Rainy Season

A Story

by Amy Parker
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Wow. I enjoyed this story immensely. It was so vividly written, with such heart (and suspense) that it became like a movie in my mind. But I can't imagine a movie being able to do it justice!

Really glad this was chosen as a winner. Someone who knows the nuances of Asian culture will really get the part about them being Korean.

Can't believe this was only second place. What a lyrical, realist coming of age. I've never been where Jill had been, and yet I know her better than I ever knew my own sister.

Absolutely stunning story--I'm looking forward to reading a book by this writer.

I enjoyed this story very much. I think it deserved 1st place also, though the beginning wasn't quite as strong as the middle and end. I wanted more differentiation of character in the beginning so I could tell the sisters apart. This story has fantastic suspense and realism, and I loved how the author didn't succumb to the obvious complication of rape. Great job and congrats on second place.