The Wicked Girl of Kowloon City

A Story

by Natalie Rogers

An absolutely enjoyable read. The hyper charged family drama maintained its high voltage intensity right through the piece. And I thought my family was strange, I stand corrected! Thanks for the smiles.

I thought that was excellent.

Beautiful story. I enjoyed it a lot.

There are so many strong elements in this engaging story, but what stands out the most for me, perhaps, is the distinctiveness of each character and the skill with which Rogers has integrated two languages without departing from simple, concise, clear English. A pleasure to read.

This story is a nice approach to family drama. The cultural combination is interesting, but not confusing. I like that the ending shows a typical expression of the character, rather than some extreme conclusion.

What a wonderful, funny story; I laughed most of the time while I reading it, and I love the ending. Miss Rogers, keep up with your good work.

Wow, I can't thank you enough for your generous comments. The fact that you took time out of your day to read this blows my mind, especially since I don't know most of you. And of course, thanks for reading, Dad.

I loved this story. I loved the way that the daughter continually gets caught by her mother, and how she is part of the crazy cycle of excitement. It's a strong, engaging story. My only criticism is that I wanted to hear more about Dan--has he seen his girlfriend this crazy before? His reactions to the mother are so mild, and his response to having her gift hurled across the room by his girlfriend is -- what? The only clue I have is when she says their relationship does best when they are silent, which would have been better to know earlier.
Nonetheless, it's a great story.

What a great story. The description of the city brought back wonderful memories--right on. Great insights into family dynamics. Very well done. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Keep writing.

Beautifully written and very touching. The characters are so original yet totally believable. A great glimpse into a different world and a mix of cultures. I was sorry to come to the end.

A well-written character study of a person caught between two cultures. Looking forward to more stories from you!

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