Red Dress—1946

A Story

by Alice Munro
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I loved "Red Dress." I was totally caught up in the story. How do you do it? I have a lot to learn.

Such a beautiful story. It spun me back to my own teenage vulnerability.


Such an unexpected ending about obligatory happiness and a mother who would never know. Gave me chills.

Such a well developed story. It made me pause and think about how often in life we just want to be ordinary. We play into the belief that ordinary equals happy--both states are evasive. So much in a short story! Loved it!

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, my mother used to sew, making clothing for me as well. I saw myself back then, waiting to be chosen at the dance.

A deceptively simple story, one whose characters are alive and easy to relate with. Beautiful!

Haven't read much of Munro this past year or so, but this story is wonderful like the many that have enchanted me for years. We all ask, How does she do it?

Such a beautiful story. It spun me back to my own teenage vulnerability.

I love the story. I really admire stories talking about mothers and daughters...I miss my mom now...

The story draws you in from the start with images and detail. It is delightful to read and triggers personal childhood memories.

She describes, in an apparently simple way, the universal plight of teenage girls: wanting to be "ordinary," that is, like the rest. As a teenager, you want to belong, to go through the same motions as your classmates, you do not want to stand out as the one who is not asked to dance. She describes the feeling I had so often as a teenager: the fear of being left out, not asked. It is a chilling fear and she has put it down in words!

I found the story timeless.Though written long back it feels as if the characters are relevant to the present days. It gives the reader a sense of timelessness of his own life.

The story gives a feeling of visual of each character and the simplicity touches our memories. It is so good to be in the shoes of the characters.

She made it personal for me. Loved the characters.

LOVE this . . . truly inspiring!!!!