Betty of Lilyfield


by Eszter and David
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Yes, who is this woman? Why is there not a back story? I want to know more.

She is a past neighbour of ours, on the outskirts of the city of Sydney. She was 82 when we shot this series of photographs of her, and had lived in this house for 70 years. Everyone in her life had passed on except her little dog Jasmin, and they had all lived in this house with her at one time or another, but at the time of this series she was the last one standing. She's had a very hard life, but she is the epitome of "the Aussie battler" and she keeps on keeping on...

Very charming photos! Betty has an eye for decorating.

You preserved the charm and dignity of your character and she seems to have known that she could trust your camera not to be simply invasive. In fact, she seems to be owning the camera up to an extent, like she is in command.