Blue Heron Bridge

A Story

by Katherine Heiny

Excellent--made me laugh out loud several times.

It's been a while since I've had such a rocking good time reading. One of my favorite lines is: “I still don’t understand,” Reverend McWilliams was saying. “How does it make my life better to know that Bunny Pringle’s making corn muffins?” Simply hilarious. I laughed so hard at that I almost gave myself a headache. Thank you for this lovely story.

Refreshing story. I love the characters.

This is a wonderful story--I was so hooked by it all, the sadness, the comedy, the bruised ego, and of course the wonderful teenager! Loved it!

Thank you for your lovely compliments. Teenagers are not always fun to live with but very fun to write about.

This story is amazing! So well written, perfectly observed dialogue, and as others have already said, laugh out loud funny. I normally don't read long stories on the desktop like this; my usuall practice is to read a few lines, decide if it interests me, then add the article or story on to my iPad for when "time permits" (which is not often).

But I read the first few lines of Nina's story and was hooked--half an hour later I am full of wicked guilty pleasure. Thank you!!

I laughed out loud, too. I loved the Reverend. I made so many familiar connections. I won't be able to rid myself of those characters for a while.

"It was a perfect evening , really, except that Nina thought
she might start sobbing and never stop." What a great line.
A memorable feeling. What a story. People that stay with
you. Hilarious.

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