Retirement Hotel,
Oakland, California

April 15, 2012

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Wow . . . "Retirement Hotel" appears to have a universal theme about a common disease our elders seem to "catch." This unique spin is woven with such detail, wit, humor, and sensitivity that it enticed me to laugh continuously when my own similar memories of my mother also made me cry. What a delightful writer on your scene. More please!

The writing is great.

I found this author's approach and style refreshing. Despite what could have been sobering subject matter, I found myself smiling. Well done.

Great attention to detail--I could see the deterioration of things--a stuffed animal; a woman's life. I could feel the power and disempowerment of shopping to ease the loss and the relief of love. More please.

Susan Isa's crisp style adds brilliance to this story, and I can feel the heart behind the words. I found myself reading it twice, to have the experience again. There is real beauty here. I would love to hear more from this author--her writing really speaks to me.

If somebody told me I'd be smiling after reading a story about a daughter's struggles with her mother's encroaching Alzheimers I'd be pretty skeptical, but that's how I felt. So nicely done. I love this authors' style. It's straightforward and uncluttered but not cold. I found myself really drawn into this beautiful little tale and rooting for the charactors. Great job!

Susan, I love your story! I love how you speak with simplicity and humor about such a sensitive subject: how to support your aging mother. I'm french and it's typically hard for me to keep my attention when I read in english, but I didn't want to stop reading your story!

Efros conveys so poignantly the tightrope we walk between letting go and setting limits. That applies to everyone we love. This is a moving piece!

Besides witnessing close up the changes of my own parents right now, I spend my days as a hospice nurse traversing the territories of the sick and elderly. I found Efros' story such an accurate portrayal of the way we humans cope with our own decline and the tremendous challenges of growing old. It is funny and poignant; honest and alive with vivid imagery. Too short!! Please give us more!!!!

Reading this beautiful story moved me deeply, made me smile, and left me better. I am in gratitude for your talent, your heart, and your love.

Efros is a dedicated observer of the human predicament. I always appreciate the humor and intelligence that she brings to the task of communicating through her writing what it truly means to be human.

This is one of those pieces that makes me come away thinking I love these people.

I love this piece because it captures the absurdity of life in it's truest form: old age. I want to know more about this relationship. Kudos to the author.