Rachel Occupies Wall Street

An Essay

by Jane Bernstein
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Wow, this is a great essay.

Thank you, Jane, for giving a voice to people with so-called "intellectual disabilities" like my sister. The safety net is so important for them, almost as important as the family web of safety. I pray for those who have neither.

This is a wonderful essay, so moving and so true. I wish you and your daughters the best.

I have an adult son on the autism spectrum whose disabilities are different from your daughter's, but no less profound. At 23 he still lives at home and attends the local community college, and for now that works for us. However, the future beyond now can be frightening, and the housing opportunities for such individuals are limited. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story with the world--the painful episodes and the triumphs.

Really beautiful story, completely engaging, funny, honest, full of the pain/pleasure of negotiating ambivalent feelings. I got a little lost just at the end and wasn't sure I followed the last few sentences...but it didn't distract from the overall impression. Thanks.

This is the most belated thanks I've ever given -- I didn't know there was any response to this long-ago essay. I was trying to get a link for it and found these heartening and generous responses. Again thanks. Jane