by Debra Marquart
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A delightful poem. I had to read it to my wife, a Kirby owner, deluxe model, which I find too high-tech and cumbersome to use.

Thoroughly enjoyed the wit, humor and bite of this one. Excellent choice--started my day beautifully. Bravo.

Sharp and fine, unlike the knives.

The narrative outcome was forecasted in the title, as Debra immediately represented in her sleeves-rolled-up crafting. I loved the forward motion, with reflective updated commentary. So, the takeaway: humorous admonition to open the metaphoric door only to those who you want truly.

Crisp and vital. I love the snappy tone.

Great poem. Simple and profound and unexpected.

Good poem.

This is a daring piece that tests the boundary between poetry and prose. It might just be the shortest short story I've read in a while. Fabulous.