A Taste for Winter

An iStory

by Lois P. Jones
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I liked it very much. In a few short conceptual scenes a black child meets a wealthy grandmother who grants the child no validity but gives some kind of advice but no real help. The dramatic resonances, though brief, continue to resonate. I have been thinking about this story for three days since first reading it.

I like the spareness, the many-layered atmosphere evoked in just a few vivid details. But the story is marred by the fact that the second phrase in French does not mean anything, at least the last few words.

Thank you, Russell. It's wonderful to see what worlds are created in the reader in just a few short words. Any writer hopes a story will linger. That is a true gift. Thank you.

Lang-Hoan, Thank you for appreciating the story's spareness and layers. I've adjusted the French slightly for clarity.

There are colors and layers, a story-haiku. Very nice.