Heart’s Desire

An Essay

by Roxana Robinson
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I am caught in this beautiful story. The emotion feels to close to my own adolescence, and I marvel at your mother. Now I must know your other writing. On my list Sweetwater and O'Keeffe.

What a beautiful tribute to your mother.

This story makes me wonder how this experience affected the author later in life.

Your finely-detailed story hit home. The horse gateway to a vibrant life is one many of us women share. (At 71, I had to put down my 31-year-old half-Arab polo pony, whom I helped from the birth sack--the last of my "owned" equine mentors from the time I was five.)

I am honored that Roxana Robinson wrote this wonderful essay for my upcoming anthology, What My Mother Gave Me, and am heartened that other readers find it as moving as I do. Many thanks to Narrative for choosing to run it at this time.

This will touch the hearts of many women who were touched deeply by the love of horses throughout their young lives. The tribute to our mothers who 'just know' - how poignant. I thank you for this with tears in my eyes.