The Second-Worst Rug My Father’s Ever Seen

An Essay

by Spencer Wise
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I really enjoyed this essay; very warm and funny.

This is a fantastic essay, particularly the thorough characterization of your father. I could feel the affection in every description, perfectly understated, and I was captivated by the relationship from beginning to end. Very well done.

I was captivated by this essay, and loved the wry, warm, intimate tone of it. It's an endearing portrait of a relationship--one that will stay with me for some time. Terrific writing. Thank you.

This is lovely. I especially like how you describe your love for the Yiddish way your father talked when he asked "What is inside you?" You have words inside you . . . which you come to realize later in life.

This story made me think of my mother. "Always (s)he went, fixing problems, whether or not anyone was grateful. A slave to the family, of which (s)he is king." And she has a funny way of talking too with her thick Uruguayan accent. :)

Stunning, touching, humorous. I loved everything about it, the subject matter, the "oh no, he didn't do it again" moment, and then the ultimate recognition--this is my son, and I will walk thru fire for him, connection. You are a lucky man indeed to have such memories.

So well done, and, frankly, I have not stopped laughing.

I loved this story. I'm Jewish too, so the character of the Dad and the son were very close to my heart. The humor and the irony made me comfortable with myself and my relationship with my parents. The tone was light, and the story was deep. Really wonderful. Thank you for writing this!

Loved it. Made me laugh out loud. Again.