The Western Tailor

A Story

by Shubha Sunder
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What a lovely ending.

I really enjoyed this very well-written short story.

Having lived in Bangalore, this story just transported me back to Brigade Road and into the tailor shops. This story is brilliant. I hope the "Western Tailor" becomes a novel so I can travel with him on his path of survival.

"The Western Tailor" is impressively crafted and engagingly written. Firmly and clearly structured, the story is also quietly and selectively suspenseful. Often Ms. Sunder deepens both theme and pathos by artfully sequencing the reader's discovery of key details.

To this reader, the story's finest achievement is its fusion of psychological insight and cultural understanding. The tension between the sociologically abstract language of the title and the sensorily rich, evocatively textured language of the narrative itself parallels the tension of Ramesh's life: by internalizing a British and American world that has employed but forever externalized him, he stands to lose everything

A beautiful gem of a story! Ms. Sunder is gifted.

Very realistic approach to the end of the story. I felt like I lived through the time when the story happened, a similar feeling to what I had when I read "Malgudi Days" by R. K. Narayan. Interesting reading for an old timer of Bangalore like me. Looking forward for more of these stories in future .

I agree with many of the comments. Such a breathtaking and swashbuckling story. So beautifully well-crafted and written!

Ms. Sunder has written some excellent words to make the readers visualize what Ramesh must be undergoing at a particular moment. The place where he has to wear the dress that he made for Linda is truly moving as well as funny.

Talented and very professionally written; it also reveals, in part at least, the author's consummate native intelligence.