Hemingway’s Finca Vigía

by Robert Beatty
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I really enjoyed the photographs taken at Finca Vigia! The photos allow viewers who are not likely to make it to Cuba anytime soon an unique opportunity to experience a taste of Hemingway's world. The captions provide welcome depth and description for each photo. Mr. Beatty, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing such a unique experience. The photos are beautiful and a fantastic glimpse into Hemingway the man and author.

What an experience--to walk where Hemingway walked. Thank you for the absolutely wonderful pictures, giving us a peek into his world!

You definitely captured Hemingway: His fishing seat polished from action; the image of a Spanish bull fight; big game trophies scattered around his home; his writing desk. (I wonder if you could have resisted sitting there yourself?) Beautiful and powerful images. Thank you Rob Beatty for bringing them to us.

An incredible view into a major portion of Hemingway's life. It is amazing how intact the home and personal belongings are. I hope that the non-profit is someday able to allow visitors a walk-through of at least part of the house. This has been done with Audubon's house in Key West and gives 'pilgrims' a closer touch to the man.

Beautiful pictures, Rob! I wouldn't mind working in Hemingway's tower!

The contrast is just amazing. First, the color is striking, the deep blue of the sea and the earth tones of much of the architecture. Second, the contrast of the arrested decay of many of the building versus the careful, complete restoration work on the Hemingway home. Really fine photography adds to the commentary.

Just beautiful. I've always wanted to know what the house looked like. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience it through your striking photos.