Mother of Hope

A Story

by Laurie Baker
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What a great sense of place and people, of tragedy, and helplessness from both directions. I really admired this story.

It is haunting yet comical. I am envious of the insight you have of these people and this world. Simply brilliant.

Tragic, funny, smart. I love and admire this piece.

An honest and beautifully written story. In war and peace Americans still believe we are the can-do missionaries of sensibility and democracy. When in an East African country I went to sleep at night with the familiar ceremonial sounds of drums in the forest behind my house, circumcision of girls was already a criminal offense.

"You convince people to put aside their old customs and allegiances and to break the bonds that hold the country together. With your money and your schools and your cigarettes and music, you convince us that we can be like you. But we can't . . . .” —CIA Informant, “Agents of Innocence” by David Ignatius