Seneca Lake, Ohio

A Story

by Cristina Perachio

Gorgeous imagery.

Sad, but unfortunately, too often true.

Great story! Good job and keep on writing.

A surprisingly well paced story. I say "surprised" because at points in the story I started to think I was going to lose interest but, just in the nick of time, I'm drawn back language! Just goes to show: with a great gift for language, a storyteller can talk about anything. Of course, when the story is about one of those country boys that somehow have charm, intellect and certain look in their eye..oh man, that is a GREAT story!

When I was a child growing up in New Mexico, I used to read stories from magazines that my mother would bring me from the hospital where she worked. Every night before bed I would light a candle and read the New Yorker or Harper's or the Paris Review while I waited for the sandman to come. As I grew older, this habit diminished, not because I matured, but because the quality of short story writing seemed to go down. But this story gives me hope. It hearkens back to the days when things were simple, and the complications of life were which type of malt to spend your hard earned nickel on. I think we'll be seeing great things from this Cristina Perucho.

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