Three Poems

by Judith Harris

"The God Particle," by Judith, is the most beautiful poem I've read this year. Thank you Judith for crafting these three exquisite poems. To give us our imperfection in a blossom, to lean us back into our as yet unforsaken desire for God and each other. . .these gifts of yours help us live as vibrantly and as willingly as we were always meant to live. Judith, I hope you receive the overflow of joy your poems give to others.

These are extraordinary poems by Harris that showcase the beauty of the natural world that we live in as well as its mysteries and complexities. While the poems make the reader ponder, they are a joy to read on so many levels.

Judith's poems have a way of transforming the most delicate pieces of nature—the thread of a spider, the petals of a tree—into spiritual meditations. Her observations are, at once, surprising and deeply moving.

The manner in which Judith Harris brings the extraordinary concept of “The God Particle” into all three poems is amazing. How else can we speak of this profound concept except through nature? With her understatement, she utters profound truths.

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