Echo Lake

A Story

by Timur Jonathan Karaca
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Very strong lead, had me hooked at the first sentence. Good read.

Beautifully wrought and convincing. The agony of the hard parts of living. The sorrow of losing one's daughter. We sense the narrator and his ex will lose this girl, that the battle with drugs will be like the scene in the waves. The sea takes our children, and loved ones muck, like the drugs that float in the veins of addicts--sad story. Touches the heart of any mother watching a child fight this battle.

Nice pace for a short story. Quickly hooked, quick relationship/character development, and good scene writing. Enjoyed it a lot.

Oh wow! That one just got to me! Great, great stories here on Narrative, thank you. One of these days I'll be brave enough to send in one of mine.

Ditto. Riveting. By the time he gets to the daughter in a coma in the hospital--the almost stream-of-consciousness paragraph--I am hooked. I am going to read it again now.

Wow is correct! Such skillful writing. The hook of the first sentence pulls you in and doesn't disappoint.

Really compelling and moving the whole way through. I couldn't stop reading from the first line. Beautiful, powerful ending. Would love to read more by this author!