A Story

by Gina Wohlsdorf
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This must be an internet underworld fantasy but the fine grained details make it feel credible and I wonder how close is this might be to someone's reality. What a wonderful and eccentric imagination the author has. Definitely a story you will want to read.

I'm still getting chills! Great pacing, development, wording. How did you get the idea for this story: it's so original! I was a confused initially with the conjunctions as story breaks, but I see why it was needed and it's definitely more preferable to a complete break that would have ruined the flow and tempo.

Cory is an enigmatic character done right. I love the last section at the coffee shop and Jo's reaction. You really kept me hooked and unsuspecting.

Please write more short stories, Gina!

This is such a wonderful story. I stayed up last night to read it and I was so full of awe and admiration and envy! An original story. I wish I'd written it!