In the Kitchen

by Jean Joubert, translated by Denise Levertov
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Beautiful and eloquently written, making the reader struggle and then feel the pride of success. Loved the imagery.

The child is the reflection of the man, the father, as we all reflect the social power systems that form and regulate an individual's personality. A wonderful, wonderful poem.

The word mirror hit me like a missile. The poem bounces ideas back and forth like a mirror just as the words mirror the reality. Blown away. Thank you.

Interesting how the father loves to write the word "mirror," seemingly for the curves and elegance of the letters. The child finds the word exhausting, depleting, and the thing itself only shows him how very far he has to go. I loved the metaphor of the animal; only the poet knows this, not the father. We can also see whole lifetimes in this beautiful,small poem; even the mother is present, represented by her pretty apron. Such quiet, such love, such challenges in growing up.

I like that one.