Bosnia Bosnia

A Poem

by June Jordan
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Another great example of June Jordan's inspiring gift to get right to the point. Thanks.

Wow . . . what a way to start the day . . . and I mean that in as good a way as possible given the subject matter.

June Jordan, you are missed.

We dress with care in the morning, the day passes without much trouble, and in the evening we read our lovely fictions before the fire in the bright room. How little we really know until we read something that comes from a real world and still we can't know.

Thanks. An amazing poem.

This deeply angering and devastating poem inspires me to be a more honest, more courageous writer.


June Jordan was truly amazing. I wish I had been aware of her art while she was still alive.

This woman tells the painful truth from her position in academia, speaking to the crushing powers of human indifference and greed. What a monumental example for poets, students, writers, or anyone who lives. Jordan's art is to the bone, free of pretension, and free of distraction. An astonishingly brave woman and successful artist, teacher, and leader.

This made my heart beat fast and filled my eyes with tears as my soul cried out. So touchingly inspiring.