The Tracks

A Story

by Karen K. Ford


This reminds me of my school days . . . in a remote place, Udhana, where tracks going into the distance used to remind me of my goals!

A terrific story that evokes time and place with razor-sharp precision. Not a word is wasted. This is the work of a writer at the top of her game.

I so loved this story. It evokes memories for me -- of train tracks, duplicity, timid rebellion -- but then goes way beyond, into deeper, more complex territory and transcendent writing.

Gorgeous story. That fear of rain from my SoCal childhood—the boots, slickers, umbrellas. What great use you made of that odd cultural detail. Thank you!

A stunning story beautifully written. And it breaks my heart, the way that life breaks our hearts, the way that truth breaks our hearts.

The lure of the tracks. The face turned up to the rain. The fear of strangers. My eight-year-old self felt all of it. I'd love to read an entire novel by this author...

Very good, very satisfying ending, almost Dumaurier ending. Lovely.

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