Seven Waves for Good Luck

A Story

by Stephanie Early Green
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I so enjoyed "Seven Waves for Good Luck." I felt like I was at the New Year's Eve party...

Good character development, and the story casts an atmosphere of quiet desperation well. Can't figure out why the narrator was so fixated on Harriet, though, or what she learned from her experience.

Very well written and believable. I can see Jill being so fixated on Harriet, it happens when good, calm people get befriended by wild ones and geniunely like them. You held me in a web of fascination through out. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Stephanie. I think your story is very well written. It's interesting throughout, takes the reader to a new place, and is brilliantly put together. Congratulations. Wish I could meet you.

Thanks very much.

Being a typical guy I kept waiting for the shock of a gunshot and the thud of a falling body—but I read this story straight through and enjoyed it very much. Good job.

Wonderful story. You carried me with you the entire time. I felt I was there in Brazil, at the New Year's party, a fly on the wall with Harriet and you conveyed so much without explicitly spelling it out. I can totally see myself being a Jill, wanting Harriet's friendship, being caught up in the fantasy and then wanting some sort of "closure" or fellow confirmation of my believed truth.