A Funky Assortment
of Plates

A Story

by Earl Marona Jr.
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What a wonderful story, with so much behind it: the will to believe vs. belief, the power of language to endlessly re-build self-identity. Congratulations!

Loved this story. Magnificently layered. Plan to read again and again.

Fresh. Crisp. Loved it.

I love this story! It unfolds so beautifully! It's like poetry; each word selected so carefully! Earl has an amazing ability to add so much detail or background with a few choice words or a particular reference! I had to look up Shuggie Otis, but man, when I did, I just smiled! The story became that much clearer. It's like a jpg loading in several passes, clearer each time.

What a great story, not too long, not too short. The story was full of depth and heart and ended perfectly. Loved it !