Axis of Happiness

A Story

by Min Jin Lee
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Beautifully written. Satisfying. Honest. I wanted to know each of characters and I felt I knew enough about each of them from what I was given to complete the story. Well done. The conflict and resolution were elegantly and honestly pursued. Thank you.

The story made me feel as though it was happening right in front of me. . . . Although I wanted to read more, I am completely satisfied with how the story ended. All the characters seemed realistic. The places and the words that were used seemed to give life and feeling to every moment. I'm very happy that I read this story.

Very fine.

I don't have words to adequately express how deeply this story moved me. Only recently have I discovered this website and I've read only twenty or thirty pieces: some good, some clever, and some perhaps even great, but this story is in a category of its own and I just wanted to thank the author for writing something beautiful enough to unleash a cascade of emotions in this reader.

I held my breath as I read, and at the closing I had to smile. That was so cool!