A Dangerous Creature

A Story

by Mary Morris
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A wonderful story! I love the feeling it leaves with me, a dog-lover without pets, about the critical nature of peace and danger in the emotional landscape of humans, and how powerfully it connects the man and the beast. Thank you.

Mary Morris knows how to break your heart—slowly.
Great story.

Wonderfully sustained tension.

This story ripped my heart out. I just lost "my" dog to cancer. I still remember her last kiss.

Great build-up and tension. But I'm confused- so did Pirate remind Roger of himself, or of Roger's father?

I did not see this ending coming! My goodness!
Beautifully written and great characterization in such a short time!

Wow. Thank you

Tension builds as the story moves along, but so do the layers of meaning and the metaphorical possibilities ...without losing the sense that, still, this is a dog, not a symbol or a contrivance.