Elba in Brooklyn

A Story

by Doug Benerofe
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I like the way Jane and Tara are obstacles to his growth whereas his interactions with Sister Elba, the man by the subway, and even the penguins reveal so much more about his life. I look forward to reading the collection. He writes about dark and tragic aspects of humanity without bringing me down, and the details about Brooklyn really interest this non-New Yorker.

This story creates a wonderful, hypnotic feel. The Sister Elba character is a powerful metaphor. The story is full of flaws, struggles, and sadness. The setting is raw and vivid. I empathized with this husband and wife, wished for their healing and success, but also accepted that love does not always prevail.

It's wonderful to read a story that has a bit of everything in it, running the gamut of human emotion while being tightly wound in its restraint. It is fully urban, yet universal in its observations. Just an outstanding work of contradiction, internal and external. I savored every word.

You tell the story as though you lived it. Great writing — I liked Sister Elba — and I wanted her to redeem him somehow. You write with a lot of love

Just as To Kill A Mockingbird disguises Jem's story with Scout's strong narration, it seems that this is essentially Jane's story with Sister Elba as the mockingbird, er penguin. The dialogue and setting is as sure and sophisticated as New York itself. Looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

I really loved your story!