A Story

by Adam Haslett

What a beautiful story. I cried.

A very lovely story. Thank you.

Adam Haslett's story collection You Are not a Stranger Here is truly amazing. It deeply effected me when it first came out a decade or so ago. I continue to think of his characters, their griefs, their failures and successes. His book is a wound, a pulse, a triumph. I'm going to find his collection on my shelves and reread it.

Powerful story: the final sentence, in particular, is striking. It took my breath away. Thank you.

Heather—Thanks for the recommendation: I'm going to buy Haslett's story collection.

I read this story collection years ago and thought it was the best group of short stories I'd ever read -- including the acknowledged greats like O'Connor, Joyce, etc., truly breathtaking.

But oddly, when I read this here last week, I thought it was new! Didn't realize I'd read it before. Not sure what that says about ME but it's certainly a great story and I'd recommend his collected stories to anyone who enjoyed this, and anyone who didn't :)

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