Blue Lake

A Memoir

by Laura Rose
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Remarkable; captivated my interest . . . and gave rise to goose bumps! Thanks for publishing.

Your writing pulled me along with you to the bottom of the lake and back to the surface where I, too, could take a deep breathe—thankfully!

Fantastic story! I was right there with you the whole way. In fact, your story was so tempting at the beginning that I decided to join Narrative magazine. I almost drowned one time, at about age 10, and was rescued by a man no one knew. It was almost surreal. I know what it's like to be under and think you'll never be able to make it back to the surface. Well done!

Compelling and beautifully written. Not everyone can relate a tale from their past with such engaging details and poignancy. Thanks for sharing.

Beautifully written. Such powerful imagery. I was captivated.