Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful

A Story

by Philippa Rees
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I love it! I was a kid in Kenya -- and I love how the sprouts of that magic green garden get over the dry wind that is everywhere. And the Rolls Royce is a masterful idea, exactly the sort of purchase this man might have made. Thanks for writing this story! Thanks for sharing it!

I'm so glad it resurrected something for you! Any reader is a privilege, but one who knows the atmosphere and says yes, even better. Thank you for leaving a comment.

Such a welcome read from a talented writer. I lived in Nigeria some years ago and still have lingering memories of the richness of dialogue, arid land, wind, and cultural clashes. This story pumped breath into real lives, harsh conditions, and human frailties. I love it.

The narrator's omniscience is exquisitely particular! What fun! How'd you carry that off? Can't quit smiling!

Thank you for expressing pleasure. Not sure I was carrying anything off, more like a crow on a branch. Much of the heart remains with the kind of people represented, and certainly the landscape.