A Short Short Story

by Joan Elaine Muller
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That was an awesome story of pure love. You helped me realize what my own wife went through during some serious back surgery I had recently. The truth is when we are in real love, and one of us is hurt, its hard to tell who suffers more.

Wow!! Beautifully written . . . and heartbreaking at the same time. It makes me appreciate our health even more as we age! Thank you for sharing . . .

Your story's seeming simplicity—in word choice, sentence structure and tone—belies its power and grace. Or, perhaps, it's because of that seeming simplicity that "Humming" made me cry. Beautifully crafted. Thank you.

Beautifully contained, distilled. Like pure water.

So full of truth and honest observations. So beautiful, painful, and well-done.