A Story

by Tina Nettesheim
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I enjoyed this story. The mystery and confusion of childhood is conveyed well.

Everybody had a bomb shelter and no one talked about it and no one ever attacked. And now our grown up kids do not believe we ever had them. Funny, isn't it, how people will believe all kinds of absurdities from the media, but a true story about you and 36 hours in a bomb shelter with stale cookies, little to drink, and poor ventilation is brushed aside, as if the fear, nausea, isolation, noise, creepy whispering, never occurred.

Thank you . . . honestly, this is a fine short story.

I really enjoyed reading this beautifully written, totally immersive story. It brought me right into Zoe's world, and reminded me what it's like to be a child, and to want so badly to join the adult world. The writer's precise use of language creates the mood, sets the scene, tells the story, and draws on the reader's empathy—all at once, with seeming effortlessness. This is an impressive work of art.

Great storytelling. I was taken in from the start and gripped throughout. Totally felt Zoe's world and very impressed with the way the writer conveys emotion with so few words . . . a true gift! And the description of Karen, " . . . was building a family with no guidance and no witnesses from her past . . .", brilliant! Can't wait for the next piece!