The Clock of Paradise

A Story

by Patrick M. Butler
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This story is utterly charming. I will present it at my next Short Story Discussion Group in which the mean age of participants is 84. The group will be thrilled. Thank you, Patrick Butler! Keep writing!

Thank you, Regina. I'm 74 so that will lower the average age a bit at your next meeting.


What a lovely story! I enjoyed reading it and like the technique of a "secret" that you used to connect the narrator to the main character. Bravo! Keep writing!

Patrick, I cannot begin to guess what caused me to Google you after all this time. Had it not been for your story, I probably would not have found you. The timing is extraordinary, only a year ago. Mlle.'s enthusiastic aural escapades with her young man made me laugh at a memory of my own. Her openess reminded me of someone I used to be. Having lived in France (well, Monaco) for some years, I absorbed some of the French disposition to critically, if benignly, judge others. I smiled at the truth as I read it. You are looking very well. "Mary Katherine"