by W. S. Merwin
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How he builds, using the perfect decorum of repeated thank yous, to make my gut roil by poem's end . . . bravo. Thank you, W. S. Merwin, for troubling to write, for existing in our time.

Amazing poem: what a way to begin a new week. Gorgeous.

It feels spookily relevant given the attacks in Paris.

These times and the perfect Thanksgiving poem to counter them. Thank you.

I've had this bookmarked for months, and keep coming back, my mouth still full of food, looking at the sky, thankful for everything bringing and keeping this here, waving, dark though it is. Thank you Narrative, for this facet of my living.

Wow, what a locomotive of a poem. Tension by implication. From the grace of gratitude, through its almost-impotence against a litany of ills, to the final, essential two lines that bring us full circle to a healing of sorts, this poem is a masterpiece. Thank you, WS!